Supplier Code Of Conduct

Malibu Electronics, LLC is a business unit of Malibu Boats, Inc. Accordingly, all suppliers, vendors, contractors and other third parties are required to read, understand and comply with the following Supplier Code of Conduct as issued by Malibu Boats, Inc.

Providing the best experience possible to our internal and external customers as well as our end-users is not only about who we are as a company and as individuals, but how we manage our business internally, and how we operate externally with customers, end-users, partners, governments, communities, and suppliers. Malibu Electronics and all of Malibu Boats (collectively "Malibu") is committed to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct. Likewise, the ethics of our suppliers, service providers and business partners are of utmost importance.

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The general principles found within this Supplier Code of Conduct not only guide our conduct but form the foundation to the kind of company that we want to be and the kinds of reputable suppliers that we desire to work with. We expect those with whom we do business to be reputable, uphold our high standards, share our commitment to ethical business conduct and have, and follow, a similar code of ethical conduct. For Malibu’s Supplier Code of Conduct to be successful, suppliers must regard this code as a total supply chain initiative. At a minimum, suppliers shall also require their next tier suppliers to acknowledge and implement the code. The standards of this code set forth expectations for the supplier with whom all units of Malibu does business, including their parent, subsidiary or affiliate entities, as well as all others with whom they do business including all employees (including permanent, temporary, and contract workers), upstream suppliers and other third-parties. It is the supplier’s responsibility to disseminate, educate and exercise diligence in verifying compliance of this code to its employees, agents and sub tier suppliers, as relevant.

The supplier shall be subject to, and, by agreeing to accept a Purchase Order and to supply products or services to Malibu, shall be deemed to have read, understood, and agrees to comply with the Malibu Boats’ Supplier Code of Conduct. Additionally, suppliers will be asked to formally acknowledge receipt of and compliance to this code.

In addition, Malibu reserves the right to verify compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct through internal or external assessment mechanisms and may require the issue and execution of corrective actions when necessary. Malibu will assess its suppliers’ compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct, and any violations of this code may jeopardize the supplier’s business relationship with Malibu, up to and including termination.